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woodcutting guide

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woodcutting guide

Post  yvoms on Mon Apr 05, 2010 4:29 am

Levels 1-6 Normal Trees

Using an Iron axe, make your way to West Varrock (just out side the gates, pass the bank) and you should see plenty of Oak trees and Normal Trees. From levels 1-6, you will cut down the normal trees. This will not take long at all. I suggest banking all the logs you get at West Varrock Bank and selling the logs at the Grand Exchange to make a tiny profit. Or you can burn the logs for Firemaking Experience.
Levels 6-15 Normal Trees
Read more in RuneScape
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RuneScape Combat Training »

This time, continue what you are doing, instead change your axe from an Iron axe to a Steel axe. This will speed up the time from levels 6-15 by a lot.
Levels 15-31 Oak Trees

Continue at the same spot that you were in at Varrock, but instead of cutting down normal trees, cut down Oak trees. At level 21, change your axe to a mithril axe. Again, burn or bank and sell your logs. Depends what you want.
Levels 31-75 31-99(Optional) Willow Trees

This is one option to get 99 Woodcutting as a Free-to-Play. At this stage, buy a Adamant axe as it’s the best axe you can wield at this time. Make your way to Draynor Bank. Just on the opposite side of the bank’s door are some Willow Trees. If you want 99 this way, this will be your new home for the next several months. After a Full load, just bank your willows at the bank. With the logs, I would keep them for Fletching or you could try to sell them. A willow log will probably sell once every 10 days. The problem about 99 Woodcutting this way is that a LOT of people choose to get 99 this way. Which means more people per tree. That’s why I hate this method. This is the best method to get 99 though (about 35K experience an hour). This is the best way to get 75 Woodcut too, which I recommend. At level 41, buy a Rune Axe. It will be your new best friend for your journey.
Levels 75-99 Yew Trees

By this level you should already have a Rune axe. Instead of cutting Willow Trees, you will be cutting Yew Trees (whose logs pick up about 440gp each). The best places to cut Yews are: – Behind Varrock Castle (3 trees and bank at Grand Exchange), Behind Lumbridge Castle (3 trees spread out, bank at Lumbridge bank), South of Falador (3 trees, bank at East Falador Bank), Edgeville (2 trees, bank at Edgville Bank), North-West of Rimmington (4 trees, bank at Draynor Bank, look below for details). Getting 99 by this method gets you about 35M in your pocket.

I think the most efficient trees would be North-West of Rimmington and the trees behind Varrock Castle. The rest of them are usually crowded, or like Edgeville, only 2 trees is quite annoying waiting for each tree to respawn.

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Re: woodcutting guide

Post  zeror on Mon Apr 05, 2010 5:54 am

Nice woodcutting guide Razz

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Re: woodcutting guide

Post  Guest on Mon Apr 05, 2010 12:49 pm

Yes, it is.


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Re: woodcutting guide

Post  S on Wed Apr 07, 2010 11:34 pm

Hmm, not bad, but theres one downside, this is for runescape, not Zero2scape.. although, it still does make sense Razz

Good guide. Wink


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Re: woodcutting guide

Post  xthunderx on Mon Apr 26, 2010 3:37 pm

not bad not bad... i can see alittle bit of more effert(tiny bit) but that guide is really really good!!!! by more effert i mean like destribe more into it more... like where do i get everything i need what do i need where are the trees and ect. i might of put things you got but dont matter.... lol.. well nice guide
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Re: woodcutting guide

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